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The Best Super 73 Accessories, Modifications, and Upgrades

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

It’s no surprise that bicycles and electronic bicycles are having a great year in 2020. Fueled by a variety of concerns about the COVID-19 virus, the increasing concern for the environment, and a new shift of millennial's bucking traditional norms for alternative solutions.

There are a variety of e-bikes on the market today, and more options being made available regularly. One of the more well known e-bike companies is Super 73. You may have heard of them or seen their bikes through their influencer marketing campaigns on YouTube ( ) They exploded onto the market a few years ago with their ‘OG’ model and have just recently started shipping their new line of e bikes including the S2, R, and RX models. The S2 is an upgrade from the previous S1 model with a host of new improvements. The R series bikes look more like traditional dirt bikes with front fork and chassis suspension.

The major draw for me to Super 73 was the retro styling and cafe racer look of the bikes. Through way too many hours of reading and watching reviews, I knew I had to have one. I did a little digging into other brands but determined that the styling, large tires (I live on dirt roads), and the reviews of the company and its products was enough to sway me. So after months of internal debate I finally pulled the trigger and pre-ordered my Super 73 S2 in Galaxy Black! A few months later in June of 2020 they started shipping their new bikes. The RX models first, followed by the R, S2, S1 and Y models. My earliest delivery date is sometime in the last week of July. This was a short wait compared to many others who pre-ordered as early as January but a wait nonetheless.

So in the meantime, fueled by overwhelming amounts of free time, I started shopping for S2 upgrades, modifications, and accessories. I scoured the internet looking for what other per-orderers have purchased or plan to purchase when their bikes arrive later this summer or early fall. I kept the Super 73 S2 in mind while selecting these products but rest assured they should work for virtually any bicycle, electronic bicycle, and basically anything that rides on 2 wheels.


There are a wide range of helmets available out there and frankly I was a bit overwhelmed with this category. I think the important thing to remember is that this is going to be a necessary purchase and piece of gear for every new enthusiast. The S2 has a top speed of about 30 mph and you want to protect yourself accordingly. To me that meant looking for only DOT certified helmets and staying away from traditional bike helmets.

I found that the most popular helmets among the good folks at r/Super73 was the Thousand Heritage Helmet with it’s retro styling, and the Ruroc RG1 or Atlas 2.0 helmets which look amazingly bad ass. Other brands to think about are Bell, a well known bike and motorcycle helmet maker, and Scorpion who have many popular, well reviewed models on Amazon.

Thousand Helmet -

ScorpionExo Covert -

Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout -

Trendy E-Bikes compiled a list of the top 7 electric bike helmets and does a good job talking about the pros and cons of each. Additionally, Parker at Super 73 did an unboxing of the Ruroc helmets. Check out these links for more info.

Parker at Super 73 shows off the Ruroc RG1-DX and Atlas 2.0 -

Other Safety Accessories


If you plan to ride your bike in the city or plan to commute to work you may want to consider grabbing a mirror or 2 for your new ebike. This can help you avoid other vehicles and stay safe while cruising around town. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of variables here other than the overall styling of the mirrors. Many are opting for the minimalist look, while others are sticking to the retro theme.

Venzo Mirrors -

Hafny Mirror -

Retro Mirrors -

Reflective Tape

For additional visibility you may want to consider adding reflective tape to your bike. This could be used instead of, or in addition to lights (see below).

Reflective Tape -

Hardware/ Ergonomics

Foot Pegs

Foot pegs can be helpful if you plan to have a passenger on your bike with you. This gives your passenger a safe place to plant their feet while in motion, away from the spinning wheels. Additionally many motorcyclists add foot pegs to their bikes in case they wipe out or have to lay the bike down. The pegs can take the brunt force of the fall and potentially save your bike from additional damage. There are standard pegs, and foldable pegs. The foldable pegs can fold out of the way when they are not needed. In the case of the S2, it can be nice to get the pegs out of the way so the bike can be walked.

8mm Billit Folding -


Swapping out the pedals is an easy way to customize your bike and add a bit of color. The community recommends large mountain biking pedals to help keep your feet from slipping off the pedals. I really like the look of the two options listed below, with the MZYRH being my favorite.

RaceFace Chester Mountain Bike Pedals -

MZYRH Mountain Bike Pedals -

Handlebar Grips

Another quick upgrade/ customization option is to swap out the factory grips for some aftermarket options. I really like the leather/ microfiber GOEXM brand grips listed below, but there are a variety of inexpensive options to fit your needs and color scheme. There are also a variety of videos on YouTube on this subject to help with the installation process.

GOEXM Bike Handlebar Grips -

Phone Holder

In my opinion a phone mount is going to be an important piece of your ebike. I am going to want to play music and be able to look at maps while motoring around and it’s dangerous to do so without a mount. There are 3 main types of phone holders and mounts that are popular. I am leaning towards the BOVON silicone option below. This should allow me to safely strap my phone in without having to add any additional parts to my phone, or remove the case before using it. The other models have great reviews and I’m sure work perfectly well by clamping down on the corners of the phone to hold it in place.

BOVON Bike Phone Mount, Silicone Bicycle Phone Holder -

GUB Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount -

Handlebar Phone Holder -


Perhaps one of the most widely discussed Super 73 accessories is on the topic of storage. There are tons of options available for this category to fit all of your needs and match with your theme or style.

The Minimalist Option

This is a great cost efficient option, but provides the least amount of overall storage. By combining a traditional cup holder mount or the Blackburn Bottle Cage and a storage tube you can easily store your essential items, like your keys, without having a large bag attached to your bike. The benefit of the bottle cage is that you can use any size water bottle or storage bottle. With the traditional holder there is a chance your bottle won't fit, or may fall out on bumpy terrain.

Cup Holder - Blackburn Bottle Cage -

Bike Storage Tube - Epessa Bicycle Bike Storage Bag -

Frame Bag Option

The frame bag seems to be the most popular accessory that people have purchased or plan to purchase. Among frame bags the Blackburn Outpost is the most popular option. This bag is small enough to fit the frame under the battery on a Super 73 bike, and large enough to hold the charger and a bike lock. I have provided links to a few other options below as well. Personally I like the CBRRSPORTS bag’s style more than the Blackburn, and it’s about half the cost. The MOOCI bag was recommended for those folks on a tighter budget.

Blackburn Frame Bag -

CBRSPORTS Bike Storage Frame Bag -

MOOCi budget frame bag -

All the storage! Option

If you think you may require more storage another option is pannier bags. These bags fit over the rear wheel and provide two ‘saddlebags’. There are a wide variety of these as well. The highest rated bag reminds me of every police bike I have ever seen. Alternatively there are some nice looking vintage/ retro bags available made from canvas and leather. I haven’t seen many Super 73 riders with these bags, and if you decide to go this route make sure the bags will fit over the wide tires.

Pannier Bag - BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers -

Storage Rack/ Hard Case Option

The last option I investigated for storage was adding a storage rack and a hard case to the back of the bike. This option is appealing to me as I plan to use my S2 as a means to travel back roads and take pictures. By adding a cargo rack I will have some secure mounting points for a hard Pelican case so I can safely and securely store my camera without worrying about moisture, dust, or impact. While I did see a few ‘universal’ storage rack options I was hesitant to believe these will work on the S2 due to the wide tires and rear motor. Super 73 is releasing a rack in the fall for the S2 and R models, so I may just wait for that. This would also presumably fit the storage box that they will be selling as well, although many folks have recommended using a collapsible box or milk crate and saving some money.

Official Super 73 Accessories Page -

Pelican Hard Case -

Theft Protection

For those riders planning to use their bikes in cities, a lock should be high on your list. These bikes, and all e bikes are hot targets for thieves. With the average price being in the thousands of dollars, you’re going to want something substantial. The most suggested lock in my research, and the one with the best name, was the New York FAHGETTABOUDIT lock. This thing is beefy! For additional security you can purchase an anti theft alarm. The model below is triggered by vibrations and has some other cool features including an SOS option if your bike ends up at more than a 45 degree angle.

Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT 1415 14mm Chain & New York Lock 15mm Disc Lock -

Alarm w/ Remote Control- Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm -


This section contains all of the least useful accessories, and of course all of my favorites. The single coolest thing on this list has got to be the Clearon Bluetooth speaker. This thing looks amazing. It comes with a bike mount and a remote and can double as a horn. The vast majority of the reviews speak of it’s “surprisingly good” sound quality.

Bluetooth Speaker

Clearon Bluetooth Speaker -

If you are planning to use your ebike for commuting and you think you may find yourself outside after dark, turn indicators and safety lights might be a good idea. Like most things there are wide variety of options at every price point.. The most simplistic being the tap turn signals for the handle bars. The most complex being something like the Ampulla model listed below which includes rear signals, brake lights, and even ground lights for ‘virtual lane’ indicators. All controlled by a handlebar mounted remote.

Turn Signals

LED Tap Signals - CYCL Wing Lights Pop-Turning Signals -

Rear Brake Light/ Signals w/ Remote Ampulla Oricycle Rechargeable Bike Tail Light LED -

From here my research digressed. My ultimate goal would be to take this bike to a festival or even something like Burning Man, when those things can happen again. For that, I knew I needed some party lights. I spent far too long researching just wheel lights for this category. There are a few options listed below from simple Christmas light-esc lights to strips of LEDs that can show images and patterns while the wheels are spinning! Additionally there are frame light options, as well as some kick ass party light projector options. These links should get you started if you are into these sorts of things.


Frame Lights -

Wheel Lights -

LED Wheel Light for patterns -

Additional LED wheel lights with 8-bit pictures -

Moar Lights! -

Stickers/ Aesthetic Customization

Lastly I also discovered that there are also a few places that offer ways to customize the look of your Super 73 through stickers. Super 73 has a few different options available on the official accessories page. Currently I only saw options for the S1 model, but I assume there will be more options to fit the new models at some point. Another site called Custom 73 is also providing the same service. Check them out below as well.

Official Super 73 Accessories Page -

I get increasingly excited as my delivery day approaches and can’t wait to start riding and customizing my new wheels! I hope you found this article helpful and got some ideas of the types of accessories, modifications, and upgrades that are available for your Super 73 or other e bike.

UPDATE 10/20: I've had my bike for a few months now and these things are so much fun! I have close to 80 miles on mine and there are many more to come. After writing this article I went a little crazy on Amazon and purchased my initial modifications listed below.

Quick List of purchased items (pictured above):

Large Blackburn Bag - This thing seems to be the gold standard for Super 73s and for good reason it's great and looks good doin it! I was a bit skeptical of how this would fit and look on the bike, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I used some black zip ties in addition to the included Velcro straps to attach it to the frame. I need to shore up the middle so it sags less, but other that it's great. It fits the charger and cord, and still leaves room for wallet, keys, etc. It also expands to fit a jacket or camera lens which was a pleasant surprise to me.

Clarion Bluetooth Speaker/ Horn - I knew I was going to love this thing. It's small enough to fit in your water bottle holder yet kicks out a great sound. It's become a staple while riding and an amazing addition to my kayak and beach bag as well. I cannot recommend this speaker enough if you are looking for something small and light to take on adventures. If you don't think this would be enough for you, there are seemingly more options every day. Including this beast that popped up on my suggestions recently.

Mirrors - This is where I deviated the most and a major reason I wanted to update this article. I decided that I didn't like any of the bike mirrors that I found on Amazon. There was one set I really liked, but it didn't have any reviews and seemed to ship from Europe. So, I decided to look for other options. I found that I could purchase motorcycle mirrors, and attach them with easy to install handle bar adapters! This opened up a lot of options and I ultimately decided on the ones shown in the image above. They were a little tricky to get tightened enough to stay upright, but once I got them secured, I haven't had any issues since.

Phone Holder - Nothing special about this. It's a necessity to use the app while riding and it makes keeps it from falling out of your pocket. I went with this one because it matched my color scheme (black on black on black).

Party Lights! - That's right! Party lights, on my bike! My headlight was not shipped with my bike so I needed to have something to keep me safe while riding around near dusk. I got two of these and I have no regrets.

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06 ott 2021

This was really helpful thanks man!

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Sean Todd
Sean Todd
01 giu 2021

Great review of all these items. I just picked up the party lights 💯🙌

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09 mag 2021

How are there no comments on this write up?! Thanks so much for writing this. My wife and I just got S2's and started looking for accessories. This write up is great. Any updates since your last update?

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11 mag 2021
Risposta a

Thanks for your comment! I have been researching some bigger "accessories" now that it's spring time where I live. These include car racks and bike trailers. I will also be reviewing some additional fun lights that I've had my eye on for a while. Glad this was helpful, let me know if there is anything else you would like to see!

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