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More Super 73 Mods and Accessories!

(This article contains affiliate links - these cost you nothing and help support the blog)

A short apology: Sorry for not following up with any new content in the last few months. I was knee deep in new fatherhood, and unable to get back to my adoring fans. The newborn fog has lifted and I find myself with some free time to write down my many ideas and opinions. I hope to be more active in the coming months and hope you come along for the ride!

This is the much anticipated follow up article to my original post of Super 73 Accessories and Modifications. I have continued to have a blast riding my Midnight Black S2. I don’t get out nearly as much as I would like to, but always have a good time when I can.

I’ve learned a few things over the years and I would like to share More Mods and Accessories plus some ideas! I list the products I use, and a few that I have on the wish list.

Thank you for your time! I hope you find this list useful!

Recent Additions:

Helmet - Thousand Heritage Bike Helmet

At just under $100 it's a bit pricey, but offers great quality inside and out. It’s one of the most comfortable helmets I have worn. It also just looks cool. I don’t like the classic bike helmet look and much prefer the skater/ motorcycle looking helmets especially while riding my Super 73.

ProTip: I ended up ordering this from REI with a coupon for 20% off with their spring sale. Total price was just $70. Pretty great helmet for the price.

Thousand Heritage Helmet - $99 (Check REI sales for 20% off)

Bike lock - FoldyLock Classic

This thing is a beast. It stores away nicely and I like the way it looks while it’s mounted to the bike. To my knowledge no one has attempted to steal my bike, but if they have, this thing has done its job flawlessly.

FoldyLock Classic Bike Lock - $95

Rear Rack and Platform

I got these right from the Super 73 website and have mixed feelings. I think the products are great, but they seem insanely expensive for what they are. I thought I would test out the official parts for this one, and I have not been disappointed, but I do feel like I spent too much.

Each component is really expensive and to add the crate or cargo platform you need to buy the rear rack separately. So you are looking at $300 bucks for the pair. That being said, the rack is sturdy, and helps me carry everything from my heavy camera bag to the mail.

While searching for alternates, I found comparable aluminum parts to be priced similarly or cheaper without the Super 73 brand.

Rear Rack - $130 - $300

Air Tag

I got a 4 pack of these for around $93. Just place them in your bags or on a keychain and hopefully never lose your belongings to lostness of thievery. These things are incredibly useful, and a bit on the scary side. Apple products don’t really go on sale so plan to spend $29 for 1, or 4 for $100.

Air Tag 4 pack $99

BONUS: This bike mounting bracket makes it easy to hide an Air Tag in plane sight, without too much trouble. I found it a bit pricey at $14, but it does the job well.

Air tag bike mounting bracket $14

Up Next Items:


Covers are a great way to protect your bike both at home and on the road. Winter is approaching and my search for a cover that can withstand the elements was reinvigorated.

I like the official cover on the website, but I have not seen it in stock in a while so I started to look for alternatives.

The official cover is $85 and at the time of writing this it is sold out.

I found in my research that there are 2 main types of bike covers. Stationary and Travel. The major difference being the travel covers tend to be thicker and have more ways to secure the cover, both to the bike and to the rack. Most of these covers seem to be designed with the back of an RV or Trailer in mind. Many of them will block your tail lights if used on smaller vehicles.

The quality of the available bike covers on Amazon seems to be a concern. There are many reviews of waterproof covers not actually being waterproof. Sun resistant covers being destroyed in a single summer by the sun, etc. For instance the Puroma Bike Cover is the most budget conscious option at $17 and seems good if you are just leaving your bike on the balcony in the shade all day. There were a variety of complaints about this cover including the low quality while transporting the bike. I just knew I would rip it right away.

I was looking for a somewhat cheap option for mostly stationary storage in my garage, but with the option to cover the bike in the back of a pickup truck. Not exactly the most extreme use case, but still I wanted something quality that will last for a while.

Research narrowed it down to the Pro Bike Tool travel cover (

This cover has (mostly) good reviews and this cover seems to be much sturdier. There are still lots of bad reviews which makes me wonder if different sellers are selling different products. This seems like the best option for me. Time will tell.

Pro Bike Tool Travel Cover - $49

Maintenance Accessories:


Chances are you are going to need to fix a flat on your bike at some point. It kind of sucks, but is totally doable. Super 73 tires are 20x4 inches. These tubes came recommended on Reddit and verified in the comments that these fit. I haven’t had a flat yet (and somehow I just jinxed it) but I have a couple on hand for when it happens.

Mongoose Bike Tube for Fat Tire Bicycles 20x4 - $13

Tire Liners

I read horror stories of the tires of these bikes going flat a lot, and I am glad that is not the case. I found these tire liners in my searches and they have me intrigued. It would be nice to prevent future flats and keep from getting stranded. The $80 price tag has been a barrier for me. If you are getting flat tires a lot, this may be worthwhile to invest in. I didn't know they existed so I thought it was worth a mention.

Mr Tuffy Electric Tire line for E-Bikes - $80

Electric Extension Cables

If you plan to add any powered accessories to your bike you may find yourself needing some extension cables.

These do a good job.

E-bike Extension Cables - $10

Future Accessories:


Thinking ahead, I was imagining taking my little one on an e-bike ride down the trails. I thought, what better way than a sidecar! I dug to the depths of reddit and found one user that had the same thought.

There is a company in the UK that specializes in making custom sidecars for bikes! The pictures on their website are awesome and got me thinking how cool it would be to build one of these. Definitely a pipe dream at this point, but I thought I would share.

Sidecar - Estimated $1500

Bike Trailer

I have dreamed of taking my ebike to a place like burning man and serving drinks out of a cooler on the back. The solution to this in my mind is a sturdy trailer. I’m sure there are far more practical and realistic uses for a bike trailer for a dad of a newborn, but this was my initial starting search.

Regardless of your use-case, these two trailers surfaced while scouring the e-bike and Super 73 forums.

Both offer sturdy solutions to towing a payload of up to 80 lbs.

Aosom Elite Bike Cargo/ Luggage Trailer - $130

Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo Trailer Cart with Hitch - $195

Hitch Rack

I drive a pickup truck, and to this point storage has not been an issue. However recently I purchased a tonneau cover for my truck, and it has become one of my favorite Amazon purchases to date. With the tonneau in place it is hard to get the bike in without exposing the whole bed.

Enter the Hitch Rack. There is a wide assortment of options for these on the internet. The main search criteria should be for as heavy as you can find, and built for fat tire bikes. These two come recommended by verified purchasers.

The cost of entry into these products, and the lack of immediate need have been the barriers to purchase. Let me know if you have purchased a hitch rack, and how it’s working out for you!

KAC K2 - 2 Bike Hitch Rack - $420

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack - $950

Even More Storage

In addition to my frame bag I was hoping to add a little more permanent storage to the bike. I am planning to keep the extra tubes and some patching materials on one side. On the other side I would like to place a poncho or rain cover and some additional tools for easy repairs.

These Kanebilt bags fit my aesthetic, and have secured their place on my wish list.

Kanebilt Saddlebags - $100

Molle Crate

I got sick of waiting for the cargo crate to be in stock on Super 73’s website and decided to place an old school milk crate on the back for the interim. I was happy to find a pack of two on Amazon, and fit my old school nostalgic ideals. This is a classic and cheap solution if you find yourself carrying a small payload. Secure with a bungie cord and use the other one for your record collection.

Additionally if you want to spend much much more and accomplish the same task, there is an aluminum version available for $230.

Milk Crate- 2 for $28

Molle Crate from Throwback Bikes - $230

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment any additional accessories I may have missed, as well as any photos of your tricked out bikes! I would love to see how others have customized their e-bike babies.

Until next time,


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