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5 Gifts Under $100 for the Photographer in Your Life

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Or, just for you, you deserve it.

Buying for someone who enjoys photography can be difficult. Odds are they have most everything they absolutely need, and all the things they want will be specific to their current camera kit.

But alas! You're in luck! I have scoured the internet and spent countless hours watching photography YouTube channels so you don’t have to. The following is 5 gift ideas that any photographer will love, regardless of where they are in their photography journey without breaking the bank.

*Contains affiliate links.

1. Memory Card Case

$20 - Memory cards are a vital part of photography. At some points a memory card may be priceless. So it makes sense to protect them the best you can. This is especially important while traveling. These range in price and capacity. To make the gift extra special pop a new memory card in there too! You can never have too many.

2. Portable USB Charger

$50 - These little things come in handy more often than you would think. If you’ve ever forgotten to charge something before heading out on a camping trip, or even just killed your phone battery by needing directions across town for tacos, you will know what I mean. These come in all sizes and colors. I have had pretty good luck with Anker. A great addition to any camera bag or glove box.

3. Photography Gloves

$40 - I admit, I was a little skeptical when these were first brought to my attention. But these can actually be really helpful when shooting outside during the colder months. They have flip back fingertips that are secured with magnets, so that you don't have to take your whole glove off to adjust your camera settings.

4. Peak Design Bag Clip

$70 - Universal adapter for any camera with a tripod screw at the bottom. Allows for hands free carrying, and convenient access so you never miss a shot. Attaches securely to virtually any bag strap. This is a complete game changer for photographers that enjoy going for a hike, or climbing a mountain.

5. Aputure Multicolor Light

$90 - Extremely bright light that allows you to choose from a range of cool to warm white colors, and adjust the HSI to create any color you can imagine. Great for exploring macro, or product photography.

So, there you have it! 5 of the most recommended photography accessories from YouTube personalities. I hope you found this helpful, and that it inspires the perfect gift!

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