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Klues Reviews - Welcome to our new home!

Welcome to the new home of Klues Reviews! Here you will find fun and informative reviews to help you explore new gear, technology and hobbies.

You see, I am a bit of an over-researcher when it comes to jumping into a new hobby, trip, or any somewhat major purchase. I love to try new things and get fun new gear to try out. I have a wide variety of interests and hope to continue to explore new things and places in the future. One thing I hate is impulsively buying something online, only to find out that it’s a cheap knock off or other subpar product. I created this site for two reasons, to share my research with others, and to help others avoid the disappointment of purchasing terrible products on the internet.

My plan is to review some of the more major purchases that I have made, and will make in the future. I will publish my research (which makes it sound way fancier that it is), provide top lists of the products I researched, and finally answer any questions about my hobbies, interests or the products I reviewed in the education section.

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by, remember to check back often for new reviews!

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